March 24, 2023

Equipoise is an anabolic steroid of synthetic origin that contains a derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone. Equipoise is considered one of the few fragrance-free medications. The anabolic drug was originally developed in veterinary medicine as a long-acting variant of methandrostenolone, resulting in a steroid with different properties, although both drugs have similar molecules.

Equipoise is a very popular steroid among bodybuilders, powerlifters, and bodybuilders. The key to this success was the main feature of Equipoise Boldenone E: the stimulation of the hormone erythropoietin, responsible for the production of red blood cells. By the way, the drug differs in that it allows you to work with a dry weight athlete.


Equipoise: steroid properties

Currently, an anabolic agent is also known by another name, such as B. Boldabol, Boldebal, Boldesten, Ganabol. New versions of the drug (boldenone acetate and boldenone propionate) have the same effect and differ only in the duration of action.

This drug is associated with a slow but qualitative increase in muscle mass. This figure determines the duration of the course: 8 weeks. Competitors should keep in mind that these anabolic substances are detected in the body over time.

Balance Effects:

  • Increase in quality muscle mass;
  • Improve appetite;
  • Increase strength performance;
  • Stimulation of hematopoiesis (increase in the number of erythrocytes, which improves muscle oxygenation).

Characteristics of Equipoise

A bodybuilder deciding to buy Equipoise should not expect a quick result. The growth and gain of muscle mass takes a relatively long time, but the effect is very pronounced and long-lasting. In addition to the remarkable properties of the steroid SP Equipoise, an effect on hematopoiesis can be observed: the drug stimulates the formation of a large number of new blood cells. You’ve probably heard or probably seen many times that an athlete’s veins literally turn into “strings” after the Boldenon cycles. They become dense and very noticeable.

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The trade name Equipoise belongs to injectable steroids such as boldenolundecylenate. This substance was developed as a substitute for methandrostenolone without its deficiencies, but gives a substance with slightly different physiological properties. The presence of a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms in the active ingredient molecule, the balance and the absence of the 17-alpha-methyl group determine the specific properties of this synthetic steroid hormone.

Characteristics of Equipoise

The 7-alpha-methyl group is responsible for the liver damage caused by methandrostenolone, the lack of which makes the drug less harmful to health, but on the other hand, after removing part of the molecule responsible for its smooth passage in the liver. to do this, release the drug in tablets and only use it as an injection.

How to keep balance

The use of Equipoise does not require any experience on the part of the athlete, so beginners can easily do it. For them, as well as for experienced athletes, the dosage is as follows: 200-500 mg of anabolic substance per week. During the first two weeks, the maximum dose (500 mg) should be maintained. The explanation is simple: Equilibrium is an inactive drug that takes time to take effect. After two weeks, the dose is reduced to 200-400 mg every seven days. The course of Equipoise lasts six to eight weeks. This procedure helps the body avoid adverse effects on the liver. Athletes, this drug is not contraindicated, but before the course you should consult a doctor; otherwise, taking Equipoise can negatively affect your health.

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The great advantage of Equipoise is that it remains active in the body for four weeks. Therefore, one injection per week is enough for an athlete. The course with Equipoise, the price of which is calculated by adding all the components, provides the athlete with a qualitative increase in muscle mass – 8 kg, and after the course to enhance the effect you do not need drugs.

Dosing of drugs

• The optimal dose of Equipoise is 400 to 600 mg once a week. A lower dose is usually ineffective, a higher dose does not work better, but increases the risk of side effects.
• The course of boldenone lasts 8-10 weeks.
• Equipoise combines well with other steroids: Winstrol and Anavar – dry running; Testosterone and Trenbolone – a course for weight gain (in this case the duration of the course is reduced to 6 weeks, as the combination strongly suppresses testosterone production and during the course you must take antiestrogens.
• Consult a specialist before starting a balance course.
• At the end of the course, start taking testosterone boosters for 3-4 weeks to resume your own testosterone production.
• For maximum effectiveness of the course, take a sports nutrition complex to build muscle and follow a diet to build muscle.

Dosing of drugs

Side effects of Equipoise

The double bond between carbon 1 and 2 is responsible for many properties of Equipoise. First, it inhibits the process of aromatization (conversion to estrogen) of the drug. Compared to testosterone, the rate of conversion of boldenone is twice as low. Athletes almost never notice the estrogen-related side effects of boldenone (gynecomastia, edema, high blood pressure), even when the dose reaches 1 g per week. This means that it is not necessary to take antiestrogens during the Equipoise course.

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Low androgenic activity allows women to use Equipoise. The effects of virilization are very rare compared to other drugs. Equipoise is one of the few injectable drugs that can be used in female bodybuilding with the least risk of side effects.

Side effects of Equipoise

The same double bond provides equilibrium stability of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts small amounts of Equipoise to dihydroboldenone, which is a powerful androgen (seven times stronger than testosterone). Thus, the drug practically does not cause androgenic side effects such as alopecia, acne, enlarged prostate, etc., and to a lesser extent suppresses testosterone production.