December 8, 2022
Course of Equipoise

Athletes often resort to various drugs to accelerate muscle growth. Equipoise is one of them. The course of this remedy allows you to slowly but effectively increase muscle endurance and strength without side effects. The drug is not yet very popular in Russia, which cannot be said of Western athletes. How Equipoise works, whether it has contraindications and negative consequences for taking it, we’ll talk about that later.

Course of Equipoise

What is substance

It is a drug from the group of steroids that has androgenic and anabolic effects. The drug’s release was intended for use in veterinary medicine to build muscle tissue in horses. But now so much has been achieved using the drug among humans that no one associates it with animals.

What is the chemical structure of Equipoise ? It is close to male testosterone but is weaker in strength. It is produced in various forms that differ only in the period of excretion of the human body.

Profile (compared to testosterone)

  • 4 times higher – anabolic effect.
  • But androgen – 4 times less.
  • Odorless (converted to estrogen).
  • The liver suffers little (moderate in some cases).
  • The tablet form is free.
  • The duration of the performance is 12 hours.

Oxandrolone may be called a “female” steroid. Due to all the most popular drugs, oxandrolone has the least side effects and side effects in athletes. Without baldness and manhood. But low androgenic performance is also good for male athletes. The drug does not interfere with the work of its own endocrine system.

Properties of the substance

Once in the body, “Equipoise ” has the following effects:

  • Promotes muscle growth, but the process takes place slowly.
  • Improves appetite.
  • Stimulates the production of erythropoietin, which increases the rate of synthesis of blood cells. This results in an enhanced supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue.
  • The drug stabilizes androgen receptors, increasing their anti-catabolic properties.
  • The tool is perfect not only for building muscles, but also effective during the dry season.

Considering all the effects of the drug, it should be clear that it should be taken in a strictly recommended dose.

Properties of the substance

Positive Effects of Steroid Use

The sports vocabulary of the athletes “Equipoise ” is characterized on the positive side and shows the following positive effects of taking the drug:

  • It ensures an increase in quality muscle mass.
  • Athletes improve their strength.
  • It is an improvement of the body constitution.
  • Efficiency increases.
  • Recovery processes are accelerated.
  • Increases endurance.

The benefits of this steroid allow you to use Equipoise course in any sport.

Class at the fair

It is for those who want to build beautiful muscles as quickly as possible, and this drug is significant, although it has many indications. Below we will analyze them in more detail. “Equipoise ” has been used in veterinary medicine for some time. Injections were given to a wide range of animals, from horses and cows to chickens. The effect was observed in a decrease in animal fat time and an increase in endurance.

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After studying the properties of the drug, it was gradually introduced into a major sport. Reviews from sports nutritionists, nutritionists, and physical education teachers confirm that boldenone is by far the lightest anabolic. Reviews suggest that this drug is a great alternative if your beloved dream figure is an athlete, while training in the gym allows you to build muscle just below a layer of fat.

If you are interested in a mass course, it is recommended to use combined techniques. “Equipoise ” is combined with almost all known steroids, improving the effect and reducing the risk of loose adipose tissue. At the same time, you can minimize androgenic effects through various combinations and thus protect yourself from side effects. There are many combined courses, today we will consider only a few of them. Remember that the key to the effectiveness of a high-calorie, high-protein diet and healthy sleep.

Drug dosing

Current doses of this steroid are 300-1000 mg once a week. This regime is explained by the long elimination of metabolic products. At least 8 days, and in some cases 10 days, for the medicine to cleanse the body. Frequent use does not promote weight gain.

Equipoise has many benefits, but is considered a weak steroid, so it is most commonly used in its purest form for beginners or during cycles. More experienced athletes combine the drug with other means.

Some examples of popular combinations for combined intake:

Weight gain for beginners = Equipoise (200-250 mg) + testosterone enanthate (calculated by the coach based on the athlete’s weight). Equipoise neutralizes the negative estrogenic and androgenic effects of testosterone.

At the end of the course we will add letrozole, proviron, anastrozole + tamoxifen of your choice. However, an experienced athlete will help you describe in detail the treatment regimen for the entire course. Dry weight = 200 mg Equipoise + 100 mg testosterone propionate + 50 mg Winstrol (one and a half to two months from the start of recording). This model stands out mainly thanks to Winstrol in terms of muscle quality and volume.

Some examples of popular combinations for combined intake:

Equipoise Individual Class

The following recommendations should be followed when using this medicine with other medicines:

  • Take 0.5 grams of the drug within 2 months. This dose of Equipoise is once a week.
  • 7 days after stopping steroids, PCT will start taking Clomid.
  • Recovery takes up to three weeks.
  • It is recommended to take 0.1 grams of “Anestrogen” for the first 3 days, after which the dose is reduced to 50 mg.

This course is gentle and the risk of side effects is minimal. If you train properly during the recovery period, the endocrine system will return to normal within three weeks.

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Even after you stop taking the steroid, it will continue to work in your body for two weeks. This drug is popular among athletes. The whole muscle mass goes at a low speed, but it is stable.

Combined courses are justified in two cases:

  • increase muscle mass. So the best “partners” are testosterone and trenbolone.
  • during drying. Anavar and Winstrol are included here.
    In the case of “meat” it is recommended to reduce the combined course to a month and a half (6 weeks). Because these compounds contribute to the breakdown of endogenous testosterone, it is not very good for the body. Antiestrogens may be added to compensate. And half a month after the end of construction you will participate in rehabilitation therapy. When picking and drying, don’t forget the speed difference!
Combined courses are justified in two cases:

Combination of steroids with other drugs

With what to combine “Equipoise “? The answer to this question depends on the desired goal. If you want to build muscle, it is better to combine the intake with Trenbolone, while it is recommended to prefer the combination with Winstrol or Anavar during the dry period.

Equipoise with testosterone requires the course to be shortened to 2 months as the body begins to produce less of its hormone. This connection should also go hand in hand with taking an antiestrogen. And after a month’s course, you need to take boosters to normalize testosterone levels.

How Equipoise is taken depends on the combination with other medicines and may include:

  • It is necessary to combine 250 mg of Equipoise with testosterone during muscle building. This combination is the most successful for beginners in the world of weight training. Take 800 mg of Equipoise and 500 mg of testosterone every seven days for the first two months. From the tenth week onwards, include taking once a day for half a tablet of anastrozole. At week 11, take tamoxifen 20 mg daily. Finally, reduce the dose to 10 mg.
  • During the dry season, it is recommended to combine Equipoise with testosterone and Winistrol. Dosage: 200 mg, 100 and 50, respectively, but you should know that “Vinistrol” should be added to the course after 2-3 months. This will allow you to build quality muscle mass.

Only an experienced trainer can choose the right dose and diet; Beginners should not prescribe the drug themselves.

Courses and applications

Equipoise courses combined with testosterone in its various modifications are usually designed to build muscle mass. Commonly used are testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate – ester forms that match Equipoise’s long half-life. These are long cycles compared to other compounds, mainly due to the half-life, which allows a slow release of the main active ingredient and therefore takes longer to show a visible effect.

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Courses and applications

The Equipoise starter course is commonly used in conjunction with testosterone enanthate (or cypionate), which contributes to a significant increase in muscle mass over the long term. Intermediate Equipoise cycles may also involve the use of an oral compound such as Dianabol (Methandrostenolone). The amount of testosterone enanthate (or cypionate) in this case can be reduced simply to maintain normal physiological function. Dianabol is added every 1-4 weeks and the total cycle length is 12 weeks.

As Equipoise has a half-life of 14 days, it is ideal to split the weekly dose into two equal doses. does not sell or promote the use of anabolic steroids and other potent substances. The information is not advisory and is for informational purposes only. For the proper use of certain medications, it is important to consult a sports doctor and/or a certified trainer.

Combination of “Equipoise ” and “Winstrol”

This combination guarantees the formation of a beautiful muscular corset, increases the strength and endurance of the athlete. Both drugs have an anabolic profile, which makes them a good combination. The main effects of the “Equipoise ” and “Winstrol” courses include:

  • Accelerated muscle growth.
  • Improve metabolism in muscle tissue.
  • Reduce body fat.
  • Increase performance indicators.
  • Improved resistance.

The course of the medication lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. The steroid regimen is as follows:

1 “Winstrol” ampoule per day throughout the course.

This combination guarantees the formation of a beautiful muscular corset, increases the strength and endurance of the athlete. Both drugs have an anabolic profile, which makes them a good combination. The main effects of the “Equipoise ” and “Winstrol” courses include:

  • Equipoise is taken 1 ml every three days.
  • “Clomid” 2 tablets a day after a course to restore hormone levels.

The recovery period must be completed urgently, this will eliminate any negative symptoms.

Side effects of taking the drug

Due to the special chemical structure of the active substance, boldenone is very slowly absorbed by the body and is characterized by reduced activity compared to testosterone. This avoids side effects such as:

  • increased blood pressure.
  • occasion of swelling.
  • enlargement of the mammary glands.
Side effects of taking the drug

They can also be prevented with a single increased dose of the drug. You can not be afraid that taking the course will cause hair loss and an enlarged prostate.

On the one hand, it is good that this steroid has half estrogen activity (compared to testosterone) and delayed aromatization. However, if taken incorrectly (several overdoses of the dose), problems may occur: gynecomastia, increased pressure (jumps), swelling. Usually, if the rules are followed, such problems do not exist. The low androgenicity of boldenone preparations makes it possible to prescribe them in small doses to athletes. Additionally, with the right dosage, you can prevent acne (acne), hair loss, and prostate problems that are common among bodybuilders.